MyNationwide app


An app with AI virtual assistant, blending digital and physical banking services – 2019


Creating android designs and enhancing the app overall (for iOS and Android) for now and beyond

Nationwide chose IBM as a partner to create meaningful digital relationships with their customers. The virtual assistant “Arti” was developed by the team in order to answer mortgage related questions primarily. Other features were also developed in order to blend the experience between brick and mortar and digital spaces.

On a technical level I was onboarded to create the android version of the current app. Strategically I was also there to take the app further than just a mortgage advisory app, by seeing how we can enhance the new features and by how we can incorporate “goal setting” for the user, so the virtual assistant already knows them through the first few steps.

There were huge hurdles in this project, all related to different objectives within the project

  • Within android designs, the challenge was to, as per brief, take the flavour of the current iOS designs and translate this for the android app – it should feel distinctly android.
  • There was also no digital style guide by Nationwide at this point, so the next challenge was to take exciting elements and continue shaping it to be it’s own design language and collaborating with other Nationwide teams on this
  • Testing out certain features that are a hybrid of typical rich media buttons/images and virtual assistant UI – which can be notoriously difficult to test
My role and deliverables

I lead the production of the designs in this fairly large team of 20+. I was in charge of producing all the designs to a quality standard and liaising with the Experience Lead to do so. The deliverables included getting designs ready for testing every fortnight and producing animations, concepts and final UI screens after liaising with the chat and development teams (android and iOS) as well as the Product Owner.

Design involvement in the project process

UX and Service Design

  • Fortnightly tests nearly every sprint with a range of users

Visual Design

  • UI design and animation for mobile platforms Android and iOS


  • Design reviews with developers

User experience design

I made changes to the iOS app in order to keep it in check with the HIG principles set by apple, and by making sure the patterns in the app were documented for consistency to follow it onto the android designs and the overall visual language.

Below you can see the iOS versus Android version of the some screens. The user experience has been updated to make it better in the Android version (and this will be later replicated in later sprints on iOS)

One of the key changes was to the on-boarding to the app in iOS versus the android. The experience was fragmented by separating the data entry points of name, email, and password and one time code. I changed this by combining the conversational elements such as name and email together in the conversation pseudo chat to create a more seamless experience. This tested well with users.

I also made small adjustments to the UI that would help the user read better, for example changing how input field looked when entering your passcode.

In the images below with the slider you can see the iOS version on the left , and the newer Android version on the right.

ios onboard android onboard

Below you can see an example of the extensive documentation I created to explain and show the differences and nuances between the iOS and android versions.


I created concepts for future states, one of the main ones being for what goal setting would look like, below you can see the results of a design thinking session conducted by the experience lead in order to create the concept. I also created a new app icon for the app which was released (for both iOS and Android)

design thinking goal setting
gif showing goal setting

I also created a new app icon for the app which was released (for both iOS and Android)

before after app icons
app icon trials

Final designs

Below is a selection of screens for iOS and android

Project Outcomes

The iOS app after release had 3.8 out of 5 rating in the app store and continues to help users daily.