Korn Ferry & PGA tours


‘Be More Than’ microsite – 2020

Korn ferry

Creating a dynamic site for the PGA tours partnership and for a long term strategic vision

Korn Ferry is a organisational management group who have an international sponsorship deal with PGA tours for the “Korn Ferry Tour”. As part of their sponsorship they wanted to create a site that will last and convey the feeling conveyed by the sponsorship – to “Be more than”.

The microsite needed to convey the dynamism and energy of sport and translate that into a business that had a traditional corporate feel at the time.

There were no set digital brand guidelines for this project which made it exciting but also challenging. I was a contractor and had to quickly understand and adapt to the clients vision of what they wanted the brand to look like. Essentially they wanted something fresh and new to what was their current site, which has a slight corporate lean.

I also had to adapt to using photoshop for web layouts again, and handoff was particularly difficult as it all had to be annotated and handed off as PSD files, due to a third party company hired for development.

My role and deliverables

The wireframes were already in place when I joined the project, my job as the only Digital Designer in this project was to translate the wireframes and adapt it to a modern design language aligned with the teams strategic vision and deliver a site design for desktop and mobile sizes.

Adapting from wireframes and building concepts

I used the wireframes that were already built for the site to inform me about the structure of the site. I focused on looking at pages that have more of a exploration purpose and hence could be a bit more engaging for the user versus pages that needed to look standard and display content.

Building a design language

Taking the designs that the team and wider team preferred and adapting this into the responsive website design

Design aims

These were the aims for the design

  • Create designs that were bold and visually dynamic
  • Make it easier for the third party developer team based in US to develop and give an accurate costing by having information visually available (as they wouldn’t be using Invision inspect, or other Dev hand off tools)

Design approach

Using the wireframes given to me i did sketches on paper and started gathering moodboards to try out different styles and ideas. We printed all the concepts and the client decided on the elements that most fit their brand and that looked the best. I then combined these ideas to create new concepts, and this process of creating more refined and aligned concepts continued until we started simplifying typography, style and visual elements to create a core design language.

Final designs

These are a selected few screens form the final design, some of the elements indicate a hover effect which is shown with a lime green colour.

Project Outcomes

The team were very pleased with the designs and the handover of the designs. They were handed off to the US team to work out the development costing and manage the creation of the site with the third party company.