Informa video platform concept


AI powered smart search on media and events publishing site – 2019


Find exactly what you’re looking for the first time, across events and media publishing videos

Informa is a leading multinational events and publishing company who have events for wide range of industries (from toilet roll to big pharma!) IBM Watson’s AI for machine learning was used to analyse and present exact segments searched – making information easily obtainable and visible. Informa had their vision on becoming the next “” , but they wanted a modern site with touches of corporate branding. A design language was pieced together from their various event sites, and a white label approach for the event features was used.

This was a short proof of concept piece done with a group of four people. Creating something from complete scratch to a working prototype, was the biggest challenge in this.

I also had to create a distinct visual style for Informa. They have a lot of leading events across different industries that have their own branding, and Informa also had different branding across it’s own sites (Australian site versus UK).

We were working directly with the Chief Tech officer at Informa and his brief was that he wanted something corporate but with a modern and interesting feel.

My role and deliverables

I led the visual design experience in this project. I was in charge of creating a visual language that was distinct, corporate, but modern.

I also created some of the user experience deliverables for the project, such as personas and wireframes at its earlier stages.

Design involvement in the project process

UX and Service Design

  • Personas
  • Wireframing

Visual Design

  • UI design


  • Design reviews with developers

User experience design

We made distinct personas of people who would visit the conferences.

From the personas we got a good idea of what was achievable for the prototype MVP and what we wanted to display to the client so he could show stakeholders in his company.

informa persona 1
informa persona 2

Latest wireframes done by UX designer before it was adapted onto visuals

informa video wireframe

Final designs

Below is a selection of screens from the project

Project Outcomes

An end-to-end product was created within a month with only three other people and resulted in an incredibly impressed client. This project is now a long strategic piece of work.