Digital at BPhub


 B2B community site – 2017


Creating a B2B client site for the community of IBM and BP workers on the account

The aim was to create a site that acts as a digital community board and also as a sign post for all the projects in the hub that IBM is doing digitally for BP in the UKI region.

This was the first B2B community hub of its kind in IBM, and was not done before with the standard and features we had in mind, therefore this meant we were working with many ideas and questions that we didn’t yet have answers to.

There were many firsts we wanted to implement. For example on one displayed project the ability to flag issues and see issues raised from the backlog in sprint and why it was raised would be really useful.

My role and deliverables

I co-led the design the visual design of the site, using some guidance from a UX designer to create a rough sitemap of the site. We had to deliver certain pages in batches to be built for sprint.

Building a design language

Taking the designs that the team and wider team preferred and adapting this into the responsive website design

Design aims

These were the aims for the design

  • Create designs that were bold, visually dynamic for the community to engage in
  • Review with stakeholders, product owners and developers to simplify or add more features to the designs in order to meet their recquirements
  • The BP account has many different areas, such as AirBP, BPme etc. and we wanted to visually differentiate these as “sub hubs” and this required forward planning and branding

Design approach

I worked with another designer to create the visual language for this site, we went through mood-boarding and sharing concepts back and forth and after reviewing with stakeholders, we designed the pages and picked up features from the backlog.

Final designs

Project Outcomes

The site was released to the community and was well liked by all the teams within the BPhub. It was so successful that other client groups wanted to replicate the hub for their clients, and hence it was replicated with others.